Technology is bringing the world closer together and creating new business opportunities in the process. These opportunities bring new challenges, especially for organizations operating on a global scale. Our skills are central to harnessing these opportunities in a number of areas related to communications and mobility.

We provide a full range of services and advice on licensing and regulatory matters, internet issues, privacy and data protection and commercial contracts relevant to global telecommunications, smart devices and cloud computing, among others. We have recently been advising on the legal issues related to big data, IoT and artificial intelligence (AI), and remain abreast of the cutting edge legal issues related to these new technologies.

Representative Experience

  • Advised a global technology company on privacy issues surrounding the launch of its new IoT device in Japan.
  • Advised clients in a variety of industries on a wide variety of legal issues (e.g. regulatory issues, US Patriot Act issues and transactional issues) related to cloud computing.
  • Acted for a Japanese electronics company with regard to a regional legal survey on regulatory issues concerning an IoT business utilizing cloud and MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) technologies in Asian emerging countries.
  • Advised an international mobile satellite communications company on Japanese telecommunications business laws.