Bridging vision and reality to accelerate digital transformation

AI technology has recently seen a huge spike in interest following the launch of generative AI systems that can generate sophisticated text, images, and other content. Regulators, legislators and client legal teams are struggling to keep pace with the development of the technology and its commercial use cases.

We help clients realize their digital journeys by cutting through the tech hype and identifying legal risks and opportunities early to enable successful transformations. We create the conditions for clients to make informed, confident, transformative decisions that work, giving them clear routes through disruption to recovery and growth. Put simply, we are the law firm best positioned to provide the full suite of digital transformation-related legal and regulatory advice.

Our Services

Companies are looking for ways to optimize efficiency, improve agility, increase competitiveness and offer an enhanced customer experience.

Core legal issues where we can advise clients deploying any AI technology (not just generative AI) include compliance with the developing regulatory environment, particularly for high risk uses, data and privacy issues, liability if AI technology or its output causes harm or infringes third party rights, and developing internal policies, contracting and due diligence processes.