Baker & McKenzie (Gaikokuho Joint Enterprise) provides quality, comprehensive services to help multinationals make the right decisions in today's increasingly complex global business environment. Our Firm's established system enables legal, tax, and economic experts to form the team best suited to each project and collaborate to achieve the optimum result. From the very beginning, the Firm has made a point of placing tax experts at every office and has provided multinational clients with comprehensive advice on the tax and legal aspects of a multitude of complex transactions, including multi-jurisdictional M&A, corporate reorganization, business restructuring, and tax litigation. When providing solutions to transfer pricing issues closely related to corporate management decision-making, we analyze the issues from the perspective of a company's fundamental problems rather than treating them as purely a tax matter. Services this sophisticated require organically and seamlessly integrating professionals from a diverse array of disciplines (lawyers, tax attorneys, qualified accountants, economists and analysts) to maximize their expertise.

Baker McKenzie can offer solutions that fit a company's business objectives by minimizing its tax burden and risks and addressing legal issues. At the same time, we can respond to specific needs as they arise, such as tax investigations, Advance Pricing Arrangements (APAs) and litigation. Our services include general tax advice (corporate income tax and consumption tax), intangible asset valuation, tax planning and compliance support in connection with international tax practice, including transfer pricing, and consulting services provided by professionals well versed in multi-jurisdictional transactions and restructuring.

For tax issues in corporate acquisitions, our tax attorneys and qualified accountants calculate risks and costs relating to direct taxes (e.g. corporate income tax) as well as indirect taxes (e.g. customs fees) while our economists and analysts calculate corporate value and intangible asset value and our lawyers and tax attorneys conduct due diligence. Our lawyers also review antitrust and other legal aspects of transactions and assist clients with documentation. We also support clients in litigation where disputes arise. Working on these processes as a team enables us to maintain a consistent project policy, reduce costs and time and dramatically improve the odds of success. Where a company's transfer pricing arrangements are corrected by the tax authorities, two remedial options exist: a mutual agreement procedure and litigation. At Baker McKenzie, we have experts on both who can work together to find the most suitable option for a client. We are also capable of assisting with the relevant legal and tax analysis when a company has to review its transfer pricing policy or its business model following a mutual agreement procedure or litigation.