The consumer goods and retail industry faces a number of very specific challenges, both in Japan and around the world. New distribution and sales methods and new approaches to consumers are emerging. Regulations are sometimes ahead and sometimes behind, depending on the jurisdiction. Privacy, compliance and ESGs are becoming key consumer concerns. We help our clients navigate this new environment whether they choose to streamline their portfolios or target growth on a global scale through innovative strategies.

In Japan and more than 45 other countries, we bring together a wealth of experience across all relevant areas of law. We work across borders to find simple, creative solutions in response to local legal and commercial developments affecting our clients' businesses.

We protect client brands, establish effective trade and commercial compliance programs, assist in new product development, develop IT solutions for digital sales and marketing, advise on employment issues, create innovative transfer pricing strategies, maximize supply chain efficiency, manage real estate portfolios and execute growth strategies through mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other commercial collaborations.

From luxury brands to food and beverage companies, we advise some of the largest consumer goods and retail companies worldwide, helping them respond to the challenges they face at every stage of the business cycle.

Digitalization is at the heart of our new world. The importance of social media and the growth of e-commerce through various channels creates many new legal issues.
Data privacy is of course a major new challenge, with data breaches having a major impact on brand reputations.

Our global data privacy group gives our clients access to up-to-date, practical information on their specific markets, allowing them to effectively set up global systems to manage client and personnel data.

Our data privacy lawyers focus on prevention and provide guidance on crisis management, public relations, law enforcement reporting and mandatory notifications when breaches occur.