In Japan's evolving environmental regulatory environment, it is not always clear what the rules are. Laws and regulations must be considered and interpreted in light of non-statutory guidelines and ethical rules.

Environment laws are becoming more protective. Businesses need to be aware of and comply with not only national laws and regulations, but also environmental ordinances enacted by local governments in the jurisdictions in which they operate. When and how to make disclosures - and who must make them - are delicate issues that need to be handled carefully.

Baker & McKenzie (Gaikokuho Joint Enterprise) 's environment group is comprised of both Japanese and foreign lawyers, many of whom are pioneers in Japanese environmental law with a wealth of experience in multijurisdictional transactions.

We can help you comply with Japan's environmental regulations and keep you updated on changing requirements that will impact your operations. We also help identify and mitigate issues you could face in the course of acquiring or selling property in Japan or other jurisdictions. From evaluating potential acquisitions, to litigating complex environmental and toxic tort lawsuits, to helping international bodies draft and negotiate emission reduction schemes, we have the experience and expertise to help you comply with the rules wherever you operate.

As a member of Baker McKenzie’s global network of law firms, we are able to conduct due diligence and environmental evaluation across 46 countries through a single point of contact. We can help you react quickly to business opportunities while protecting your company from unnecessary risks.