We are first movers

We set up the world’s first climate change practice more than 20 years ago and we haven’t stopped innovating since. Because we work for vanguard organizations setting sustainability standards and collaborate with institutions like the World Economic Forum, the UN Global Compact and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development to shape future debate and policy, our lawyers bring unique insight on the direction of travel of sustainability regulation, risk and best practices.

We are agile thinkers

Our expertise on transactions, advisory and contentious matters across all major markets and industries gives us a top-down view on sustainability that matches your needs. We frequently address big picture questions on strategy as well as specific legal risks, both from a global and local perspective.

We live by our values

We are on our own sustainability journey and that means that we share your experiences and challenges and can meet you where you are. Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy and we lead the legal profession on matters of inclusion & diversity, environmental performance, SDG alignment, and more.

STEPS framework

Organizations looking to remain resilient and competitive in the new economy are taking action on sustainability. But in a changing environment in which sectors, jurisdictions and individual companies are moving at different paces, the path forward can feel uncertain. We are the partner you need now – to help you to move forward, sustainably. Our multidisciplinary global team will work alongside you to identify key risks, establish and evolve sustainable practices, make pivotal investments and comply with changing regulation - to set direction and navigate legal risk in the journey ahead.

STEPS in action: Scope


Establish sustainable governance structures, values and strategy in pursuit of long-term value.

Our capabilities

We regularly advise top management and boards of public and private companies on corporate structure selection, implementation of effective governance frameworks and development of sustainability plans.


  • Entity structure, setup and purpose
  • ESG compliance audit and risk mapping
  • Board advisory, directors’ duties and incentives
  • ESG and stakeholder governance frameworks
  • Climate change advisory (development of climate change strategy)
  • Global tax policy and government support

STEPS in action: Target


Set meaningful and measurable sustainability goals that drive performance.

Our capabilities

We identify and advise on the regulatory and compliance aspects of translating company purpose, values and culture into measurable sustainability targets that help companies develop a road map to reach their objectives and guide companies towards long-term value creation.


  • Product labeling, claims and accreditations
  • Competition guidance and risk analysis for competitor collaboration on sustainability goals or enablers
  • Supply chain ESG assessment
  • Climate change advisory (regulatory advice)
  • ESG regulatory for financial institutions

STEPS in action: Execute


Integrate sustainability into business models, operations, finance and controls to make sustainability a reality.

Our capabilities

We help companies execute on sustainability targets and incentives, providing regulatory advice across all aspects of business operations, sustainable finance, transactional support from inception through business integration, and preparing for challenges ahead


  • Energy transition, clean energy development and financing
  • Implementation of climate and environment strategy
  • Supply chain due diligence and audits across the supply chain
  • International labor and human rights
  • Employment advisory including inclusion and diversity
  • Product regulatory
  • Sustainable real estate
  • Stakeholder activism
  • Anticipating ESG disputes, crisis management and reputational risk
  • Responsible investment
  • ESG collaborations and competition issues
  • Acquisitions of sustainability-specific targets, JVs and strategic alliances
  • ESG issues in transactions
  • ESG debt and equity, climate finance, sustainable finance regulation
  • Sustainability-related IP advice

STEPS in action: Progress


Benchmark performance and report on sustainability targets to demonstrate accountability and transparency.

Our capabilities

We help companies review their sustainability performance, report on progress, and identify improvements to keep them on track to meet their targets.


  • Sustainability reporting – compliance with voluntary and mandatory benchmarking, cross border considerations
  • Preparing processes to manage data to support effective reporting
  • Risk assessments (legal risks and liability exposure arising out of ESG reporting and disclosure) and adaptation to mitigate risk

STEPS in action: Strengthen


Anticipate change and evolve sustainability strategy to meet new regulations, standards, expectations and needs.

Our capabilities

We help companies keep on top of changing global ESG regulations, trends in stakeholder expectations and market dynamics and adapt their governance and operations to ensure their sustainability strategies remain relevant and robust.


  • ESG disputes, litigation prevention and preparedness
  • Board advisory, directors’ duties and incentives
  • Review and update ESG and governance frameworks
  • Climate change advisory (review of climate change strategy)