New technologies, disruptive business models, uncertainty in the global economy and political landscape and the slow growth of global demand are major challenges in the Industrials, Manufacturing & Transportation space. Every company in the sector is struggling with digitalization and the internet of things, and some have to reinvent themselves because their current business models are under threat. Automated driving and electric mobility are just two illustrative buzz words for this phenomenon. This is coupled with political threats to the free movement of goods and growing investment restrictions.

With a wealth of experience across all relevant areas of law and a thorough understanding of the strategic and operational business challenges, we help leading international organizations implement their strategies by developing and delivering commercially effective and innovative solutions. Combining our global reach and full service approach with decades of industry experience, we deal with their corporate, transactional, employment, tax, IT, IP, Regulatory and Compliance and dispute resolution matters.

The Tokyo office established the Industries, Manufacturing & Transportation Industry Group to enhance the firm’s capabilities and provide more accurate advice in the sector. The group provides support in a number of sub-sectors, including agribusiness, aviation, aerospace, automotive, chemicals, construction and building materials, industrial conglomerates and transportation and logistics.