The Baker McKenzie Tokyo office makes a serious effort to generate positive change in our community. In line with our global sustainability commitments, we focus on three categories: 1) children, 2) the disadvantaged and 3) the environment. Within each category, we identify local NPOs suitable for our physical and/or financial support and join their efforts.

The following are some of the activities we are involved in:

Tokyo Initiatives


January JPY 300,000 donated to Katariba’s initiative to support child victims of the Noto Peninsula earthquake


August JPY 200,000 donated to Katariba for their support program on children of foreign nationals in Japan.
April JPY 120,000 donated to the Jumoku Kankyo Network in association with Earth Day.
March JPY 200,000 donated to NPO Universal Design Kimono Association, which works to make the culture of traditional Japanese kimonos accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.


November The Tokyo CSR team participated in a Tokyo Bay cleanup project organized by the Minato Ward Sports Fureai Culture and Health Foundation.
October 160 origami creations donated to the NPO Hands on Tokyo for foster homes for World Children’s Day
March JPY 2.5 million donated to Japan UNHCR for war relief for Ukraine.
February The Tokyo CSR team participated in Katariba‘s Roots program and consulted with 11 students about their career goals.


December Donated a dozen boxes of items from our office to Second Life.
October Hosted an online breast cancer awareness session presented by Run for the Cure Foundation (RFTC Japan).
July Donated 280 books worth a total of JPY 41,326 to Second Harvest.
April JPY 62,000 donated to the Tokyo Nursing Association for their tireless efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.