Our integrated Technology Transactions Practice is unrivalled in its combination of genuine specialization with full-service solutions across the whole range of innovative technologies throughout the world.

New business models are constantly emerging and product cycles are growing shorter. Competition is fierce. Clients respond by sourcing supplies — even production capacity — in new places. The integration of new technologies and systems means that our clients are constantly restructuring, resizing and adapting.

Our unmatched global expertise enables us to provide our clients with unsurpassed know-how around technology and outsourcing requirements in whatever industry they are in.

Global outsourcing

Whether your objective is business transformation, cost reduction or a unique combination of goals, outsourcing of information technology or business processes remains a critical competitive strategy.

Our full-service offering covers a range of areas, including employment, privacy and information management, tax, intellectual property, trade and commerce and regulatory issues. Our extensive experience in outsourcing arrangements brings to our clients a unique perspective that comes from having represented both users and providers of outsourced services across a wide range of industries.

Cloud services

Dynamic change in the technology space has meant that cloud services have emerged from being a promising business concept to a low-cost means of managing data and obtaining services. Companies are increasingly realizing that tapping into the cloud provides them with essential additional resources.

We can help our clients (both customers and providers of cloud services) overcome the challenges associated with using cloud services — from security concerns to supplier longevity and reducing dependency on third party users. We offer a tailored full-service approach to risk management around cloud arrangements. Whether you operate in the healthcare, financial services, energy, digital media or other sector, we can help you drive your cloud activity forward. Download our 2019 Cloud Survey.


The highly regulated financial services sector is increasingly looking for ways to ensure compliance, be innovative and reduce costs. Migrating from distributed IT architectures or country-specific business processes to regionalized or centralized shared services is becoming increasingly important in order for financial institutions to remain competitive.

Our experts help clients deal with legal and compliance issues in the heavily regulated financial services industry whatever their scale, nature or location — captive or outsourced. We also have a team of FinTech specialists well-versed in the technologies now disrupting traditional