Trade secret protection has been enhanced worldwide in recent years. Our intellectual property team advises on a variety of trade secret matters, including the enforcement of rights in litigation and provisional disposition procedures, licensing and M&A-related issues. We also advise on the building of frameworks to protect and manage trade secrets, from the perspective of cybersecurity and other concerns. We have extensive experience working on cross-border matters in this area.

Representative Experience

  • Conducted research on trade secret laws in Japan and six other countries as part of a project commissioned by METI in 2014.
  • Represented a client in provisional disposition / litigation related to the leakage of a former employee’s confidential information at the time of the former employee’s termination.
  • Advised on the trade secret management aspects of establishing a framework to protect trade secrets and as part of an overall intellectual property strategy.
  • Advised on the handling of trade secrets during the due diligence process of an M&A transaction.