We combine deep experience with technical knowledge and insight on current business terms to address any franchise, distribution or brand expansion issue. Our team has decades of experience advising on the structuring and operation of franchise and other brand systems, and we represent brands throughout their life cycles: from start-up and middle market stages to mature systems. When needed, we help franchisors deal with distressed franchisees and supply chain vendors.

As global brand expansion experts, we also help our franchise and other brand-centric clients expand through franchising, licensing, joint ventures, direct investment and supply chain development. We have worked with brands expanding to almost every commercialized jurisdiction in the world and we are intimately familiar with the franchise and other commonly applicable laws in each jurisdiction. We also have the knowledge and experience to provide holistic planning, structuring and implementation advice — from tax, trademark and corporate structuring, to local labor and employment, to real estate and contracts, to competition, anti-corruption and compliance issues.