Technology is bringing the world closer together and creating new business opportunities in the process. These opportunities bring new challenges, especially for organizations operating on a global scale. Our skills are central to harnessing these opportunities in a number of areas.

Connected cars

With the number of vehicles with built-in connectivity rising, we provide critical advice to automotive, mobility and connectivity companies to help them satisfy driver connectivity demands while complying with legal and regulatory requirements. Our services include advising on integrated emergency and e-call systems, integration and use of SIM cards, infotainment systems, device and road safety, numbering regulation, electronic messaging, use of geo-location data; two-way calls, licensing requirements and call recording and consent requirements.

Smart devices

With regulators and legislators playing catch up with the increasing sophistication of smart devices, manufacturers and distributors must contend with a host of new legal issues, including product liability, indirect tax, transfer pricing, regulatory compliance and outbound trade compliance. We help clients navigate these legal and regulatory issues across multiple jurisdictions while protecting their intellectual property.

Global telecommunications

We provide the full scope of services that sophisticated telecommunications clients expect, including advice on licensing and regulatory matters, internet issues, sector-specific dispute resolution, tax issues, labor law, competition and antitrust, privacy and data protection and commercial contracts.

Regulatory telecoms

We advise fixed line carriers, mobile operators, MVNOs and ISPs on cutting edge regulatory issues in an increasingly sophisticated and competitive telecoms market.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators

Our team advises MVNO clients on issues including structuring operations, negotiating contract terms, ensuring arrangements coordinate with carrier agreements and assessing the international implications of transactions, particularly if they will be replicated in other jurisdictions.

Network sourcing and infrastructure sharing

Network sourcing and infrastructure sharing are increasingly popular strategies for many operators as they struggle to expand their coverage and make funds available for new services and products. Our deep bench of experts has extensive experience executing successful infrastructure and sourcing projects.